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Jun 15, 2020

This episode of the Amazing Cities and Towns Podcast, Jim Hunt interviews Bob Pacanovsky

  • What is a ‘Black Tie’ experience and how does it relate to cities and towns
  • The story of being involved in 25 NFL Football Hall of Fame Induction ceremonies in Canton, OH
  • And, much more

7 Steps to an Amazing City:

  1. Attitude
  2. Motivation
  3. Attention to Detail
  4. Zing
  5. Inclusiveness
  6. Neighborhood Empowerment
  7. Green Awareness


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About Bob Pacanovsky and the Black Tie Experience

Does your organization struggle in finding and keeping quality employees and customers?
How well does your staff represent your brand and mission when you are not there?
Does your organization provide the tools to develop leaders at all levels?

What would your organization look like if your staff was able to accomplish these improvements?
How much could you expect your revenue, productivity, and engagement/retention to grow?

Our attendees loved Bob and his message! One attendee said it best: “Totally engaging - loved his entire presentation!” Additionally, he is incredibly easy to work with, timely, and very professional – a meeting planner’s dream! I would highly recommend Bob to not only other ASBOs across the country, but any organization that is looking for an engaging and thought-provoking keynote speaker.

Lindsay Plath, CMP, Sr. Professional Development Coordinator
Illinois Association of School Business Officials

In my Keynote presentations and training workshops, I help organizations...
-Attract and retain better customers and employees
-Improve the perceptions and impressions of your brand and people
-Develop your people into stronger and selfless leaders

How? By focusing on the Power of Hospitality to deliver the Black Tie Experience.

The Black Tie Experience program is based on my twenty + years of delivering a “Hospitality Experience.” My teams and I created over 7,000 events and only had one opportunity to deliver a wow experience and a lasting impression.

Everything we do in business revolves around making (and maintaining) a personal connection with others. That is Hospitality, and it is needed more than ever before today with our workplace culture, our leadership development, and creating loyal customers (and employees) who become our Brand Ambassadors for our business or organizations.

My Keynotes and seminars are customized to meet your needs and speak your language.

“Bob’s presentation on “The Black Tie Experience” started our day off with humor and generated a buzz that lasted long after he left. His practical tips for putting his training into action on a daily basis energized our employees!”
Tricia Blanco, Chief Personnel Officer- Georgia Highlands Medical Services

Creating a Hospitality Mindset
Driving Retention, Engagement and Loyalty
Building Selfless Leaders
Innovative Ways to Increase Customer Loyalty

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