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May 4, 2020

In this episode of the Amazing Cities and Towns Podcast, Jim Hunt interviews Cathy Spain of Bearing Advisors about the current financial strain on cities and towns.


  • Global disruption and how it will impact city and town budgets
  • How to handle the financial pressure on local government
  • Impact on sales tax, delinquency rates and state vs local area
  • What new expenditures will be seen due to health care
  • How will elections be impacted and how will it be paid for in the future
  • 34 year survey of finance officers results
  • Why tapping into your reserve funds is something you want to avoid
  • The importance of longer term strategic planning
  • How to put your city or town in a stronger position for the future
  • COVID-19’s impact on transit, water and other public utilities
  • Thoughts on local budgeting over the next 30, 60 and 90 days with the balanced budget requirement
  • The importance of fiscal first aid
  • What will aid look like for local government


7 Steps to an Amazing City:


  1. Attitude
  2. Motivation
  3. Attention to Detail
  4. Zing
  5. Inclusiveness
  6. Neighborhood Empowerment
  7. Green Awareness


Thanks for listening and look forward to having you join us for the next episode.


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About Cathy Spain:

Independent management consultant specializing in association management, public finance, and risk management. Clients include:


--National League of Cities

--Public Entity Risk Institute

--Florida League of Cities

--Utility Service Partners

--Public Risk Management Association


The reasons clients hire me:


--Achievement-oriented professional with strong finance, organizational, and leadership skills; creative termperment and entrepreneurial spirit; and a reputation for completing projects on time and within budget.


-- Executive-level association management experience covering governance; volunteer, financial project, contract and personnel management; direct and grassroots lobbying; research, policy/program analysis; strategic planning; marketing; membership; meeting/event planning; and public media, and chapter relations.


-- Experienced policy analyst and lobbyist.


--Strong written and oral communications skills.


--Extensive network of elected and appointed government officials and association executives who can be called upon for information and insight.


About Your Host, Jim Hunt:

Welcome to the “Building Amazing Cities and Towns Podcast” … The podcast for Mayors, Council Members, Managers, Staff and anyone who is interested in building an Amazing City.


Your host is Jim Hunt, the author of “Bottom Line Green, How American Cities are Saving the Planet and Money Too” and his latest book, “The Amazing City - 7 Steps to Creating an Amazing City”


Jim is also the former President of the National League of Cities, 27 year Mayor, Council Member and 2006 Municipal Leader of the Year by American City and County Magazine.


Today, Jim speaks to 1000’s of local government officials each year in the US and abroad.


Jim also consults with businesses that are bringing technology and innovation to local government.


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